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            Company Info
              Ginde Authorized and approved by China Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce, Ginde Plastic Pipe Industry Group (GPPIG) established its foundation as a large-scale enterprise group in 1999. So far, 9 main industry bases equipped with advanced Germany production lines have been set up in cities of Shenyang, Zhuzhou, Jinhua, Baoji and Quzhou, etc. GPPIG spares no efforts to extend its overseas marketing network by providing clients high quality products and responsible services, which won wide recognition from business partners in more than80 countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin
            America. More than 10,000 high-calibre employees are now working for GPPIG, including over 600 skilled technicianswith abundant experiences, and more than 1,200 intermediate-level technical workers with well education background. GPPIG doesn't only own talents who have abundant management experience of the joint venture as top management crews, but also select many senior employees for further education in the famous commercial colleges in USA and Europe, to obtain the advanced management skills and knowledge, which ensure the management and operation consistent with the advanced ones around the world. 
              Adopting high-new science and technology, GPPIG introduces the AL-PE composite pipe production lines from Germany UNICOR Plastic Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd, and also applies the other internationally advanced production technology on PVC-U pipe (for drainage and sewage) production line, pure PE pipe production lines, and injection molding machines to manufacture GINDE pipeline systems.
              These products serve as pipeline systems for hot & cold water, heat, gas, compressed air, industrial oil, cooling liquids, electric wires, highway water drainage, and various types of municipal, industrial, mining, breeding and agricultural projects. In 2007, GPPIG ranked first on the list of Famous Enterprises for Independent Exportation. More than 60 national patents have been obtained by GPPIG’s products, which have been entitled as National Inspection-free product, China Famous Brand, Healthy Building Chemicals (China Building Material Association), Engineering and Construction Trustworthy Product (China Construction & Engineering Association), Engineering and Construction Recommendation Product (the Ministry of Construction). The brand, GINDE, is one of the most famous trademarks of China, and the value of the brand ranks in the top list as well.